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Theatre & acting experience


AKIMBO Theatre

After finishing my training at l'École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq in 2021, I became one of the founding members of AKIMBO Theatre. The company has seen success in Norway and the UK with our original "invisible man" inspired piece NO ONE. We've performed at the Brighton Edinburgh & Oslo Fringe Festival, Showbox festival in Oslo, and had a two-week run at the Omnibus Theatre In London. 


The Unbounded

Created by the ForWhat Collective & directed by Hannah-Rae Sabyan this projected aimed to bring the stories of people living with mental illnesses to the stage. 

We conducted a series of interviews and over two months developed them and performed them in Toronto.

The piece was very well received by general audiences and interviewees, but sadly did not go much further. 

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Limit Nervous Breakdown

In October and December 2022 I starred in the music video for "Limit Nervous Breakdown" produced by L'autre (insta: @whothefuckislautre) directed by Alianor Mabrouki. The video is currently in post-production.

L'École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq

A very important part of Lecoq's pedagogy is the autocours: each week we were given a theme and in groups we would would create a small piece that we'd have to perform for the teachers and each other on Friday. This is how I learnt to devise, direct, create, write & act in many different genres. 

Among the different styles of theatre we studied were mask, comedia dell'arte, melodrama, bouffons, clown, absurd & chorus. 

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Fontainebleau School of Acting

It was here that I learnt all the basics of classical acting. 

Besides studying Shakespeare, Chekov and modern texts, we also had movement and voice classes to train and become aware of our precious instrument a.k.a our bodies. 

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